8-core gaming: Taking it to a new level

NCIX recently came out with a new video featuring a PC desktop build that had an 8-core processor set up. This is overkill, in my opinion, as my experience tells me even 6-core setups are perfect for gaming. Even quad-core is able to handle all the processes I need run. However, it is fun to take a look at different kinds of extremities in the building world, just to see how well things perform if you really put a hard spending on it.


Crysis 3 on the PC – 4K Gaming!

It is not a secret: Crysis 3 was a game-changer in graphical terms. It still is not a secret. Crysis 3 is still a game with top-level graphics, especially if you are on the PC platform, where mods and all that good stuff change up things in the game, like resolution and video quality. Crysis 3 launched with only the capability to play in 1080p, but since then people in the community have changed some things with the files and helped take it to a whole different level. It is now able to play in 4K gaming, but only if you have a high-level card like the 980 Ti or a Titan X.

Best Games to Play Right Now

Hey what is up everyone? Today, I bring to you a post I have been working on over a span of several days. I mentioned I will be writing about some of the things going on in my gaming life, specifically what games I play and/or what computer or setup I am playing these games on. Well, guess what? You guys are lucky. I grinded a lot to bring this post, especially in my limited time. So I hope it gets some of the reception I anticipate.

PC Machine

It is important to first mention what kind of computer I am on, just for reference. This is because, if I was playing with a $200 gaming desktop, then I cannot really recommend which games to play, can I? I would not be able to play some of the games I do, and you guys would be hearing it from a guy that plays low settings on 480p. That would not be too good.

Intel CPU upgrade - from i3 to i5
The upgrade from a dual-core i3 processor to an i5 was a great choice. Match it with a decent graphics card and your computer is golden

My computer is custom-built, but when I first purchased it as a recommendation from this blog’s list of good gaming computers under $500, it was pre-built. I since then have upgraded and changed up a few pieces.

Most notable changed pieces would have to be my processor. It went from an i3 to an i5 quad-core CPU. Also, my video card was upgraded to a very efficient GeForce GTX 980. I could not get the 980 Ti on it, but it is all okay because the regular 980 works just fine. Plus, I am still able to get all the eye candy I can handle.

For my gaming monitor, I had to get a regular Dell. It is diagonally 32″ and the resolution clocks in at 1080 pixels. I cannot afford 1440p gaming just yet, but I do not really mind. I have played it at a colleague’s house a few times and it just is not worth the upgrade to me.

Best game to play right now: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is probably the most anticipated game of this gaming generation or era or whatever you want to call it. I do not remember a single game that came close to the hype that was around this, even before it was official. Perhaps Destiny matched the hype, but the anticipation before the game was announced was close to zero, just because people did not know what Destiny even was. Fallout 4, on the other hand, was well known to be the successor, although it wasn’t even official for years. There were tons of Fallout 4 memes, just like there are of Half Life 3 and how Valve can never commit to 3 games.

A brigher wasteland in Fallout 4
I love the stark difference in color levels from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4 on the PC. The post-apocalyptic world is lively

But Fallout 4 is absolutely worth the wait. I wish it had come sooner obviously, but it really is a treat to play. On the gaming setup I have above, I am running it at 1080p on almost maximum settings with a frame rate of around 40-something on average. I do not need 60 frames per second on this game specifically, since it is a rather slower-paced one.

Best game to play right now: Destiny

Yes, I am going that route. Destiny is one of the most addicting games out there. It seems, through all these new game releases and all the hype for new ones, I keep coming back to Destiny. It is not the best technically, but the addiction and the continuous need for improvement in my character makes me want to keep coming back. Plus, the Crucible (the player vs player aspect of the game) is a pretty good multiplayer mode that rivals Call of Duty, in my opinion.

Also, just like Battlefront, the game looks really nice on PC. Everything is smooth and the environments are vast and detailed.

Best game to play right now: Just Cause 3

I love this game, especially on the PC platform, because open world games are always a treat to play. This one is different, however, because instead of focusing on the land where most people stay, Just Cause shifts focus to verticality. We are able to parachute a lot, fly planes, and do all sorts of things in the air. Also, there are explosions. A ton of explosions, actually.

On the desktop platform, especially, the graphical qualities it has is notable. The game looks great in an HD resolution and the world is just great to look at. All the islands are rendering quickly and they look beautiful.

Star Wars Battlefront – Best looking game of last year?

So this Battlefront game is pretty darn good. It looks incredible, too. I mentioned on my Twitter that some elements of it look almost photorealistic. The fire is incredibly realistic, and it actually looks hot and intimidating. The explosions are amazing, and the environments are all really detailed.

Battlefront graphical comparisons pc
Click the image for a larger view. The settings are pretty consistent across the board through these 3 major gaming platforms

This is all not to mention that the sound engineering is amazing and well-done. The explosions, just like the visuals, are super high quality. With headphones, every time one of those thermal detonators blow up, it just sounds super crisp and juicy, like I am actually there.

There may be issues with content and whatnot, but the sounds and visuals that are existing feel incredible and involving.

Low graphics vs max star wars battlefront pc
Minimum settings are still decent, but maximum PC graphics settings just looks unbelievable


Hey all, it’s Aziz. I am the person that is writing this 🙂 As you may notice, I have a sense of humor. I take this blog sort of lightly. It is not supposed to be anything completely serious, though I do like to maintain it in at least a professional manner.

Here in this blog, you will find a lot of my opinion pieces on fields of gaming like which games I am playing right now (it is sometimes good to look at other people’s play lists, just so you have something to think about; much better, in my opinion, than playing the same game for hundreds of hours), and which computers I prefer, etc.

I will kind of just go along with the flow of things rather than have a strict schedule of posts.

Anyway, make yourself free around here. Cheers